Disable or Deactivate Your Account

Permanently Disable Your Account and ALL Sub-Profiles

Disabling your account results in us deleting certain identifying information from our systems and rendering you unable to authenticate.

This should be performed only if you NEVER want to access your DigiStamp Account again.

Upon such a request we will do the following:

  1. Cancel any subscription you currently have active.
  2. Remove your email address from your profile, so should not hear from us again.
  3. Overwrite your password, so you can no longer authenticate with it.
  4. Ask PayPal to remove any billing info you have stored with us from their Vault.

Disabling your account does NOT result in the deletion of copies of your timestamps, or your hash values, which are part of the DigiStamp Archive. We retain ALL timestamps and hash values we protect because doing so provides greater protection to all of our customers. The nature of cryptographic hash values ensures that this causes minimal exposure for you.